The Jira FreshBooks Connector features

  • Two task mapping strategies provided
    Depending on the chosen strategy, plugin exports information from Jira to FreshBooks in different ways.
    Such flexibility helps you to choose the most convinient way to synchronize
    information from Jira with information from FreshBooks
  • Two synchronization modes are available.
    The modes are - the manual synchronization and the automatic one.
    The manual synchronization processes all the data in Jira, mapped to FreshBooks data.
    The automatic synchronization processes only the worklogs created (updated) after the plugin began to work (was configured).
    The automatic synchronization is always on.
        Once you have configured the plugin, you can trigger manual synchronization,
    so that all the information from Jira would be exported to FreshBooks,
    and then just enjoy, how conveniently automatic synchronization exports all the new
    changes without making you to do anything.
  • All the created tasks have the billable
    (and so the billing rate) property,
    inherited from the FreshBooks project,
    the task was created against

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